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Publish Date : 15 March 2017

There can be a vast number of reasons as to why a business needs to source a solution when it comes to travel arrangements. However, many people assume that this is something that they have to undertake themselves, Some can also assume that employing the services of a third-party, can be a costly endeavour. While in some circumstances this can be true, there are solutions available, which can actually benefit a business from a financial viewpoint. Evidently, no two business requirements are the same, which is why more reputable providers look to offer several solutions tailored to their customer base.

There are many important factors to consider when it comes to running a business, but the most important aspects are often time and money. As such, when it comes to business travel, a company has to ensure that they are not only employing the services of a company that is reputable and reliable, but also cost-effective. However, it’s important that we ensure value is at the core of the service. Many can be tempted by a price that seems cheap, but this could be due to an inefficient service, which could actually end up causing you more problems moving forward.

Selecting the right company for your travel needs may seem like a cumbersome task in the first instance, but the truth is that once you have considered the most important factors, it can actually be quite straightforward. Firstly, we need to establish as to why transportation is required. For example, do you need a long-term solution, or just require transport for a one-off event. Do you have a limited budget, or are you quite flexible as long as you are able to book the solution you’re looking for? Once you have an idea of what kind of solution you need, you can then discuss such requirements with your provider. However, in some instances there can be times when a business may not be sure of what kind of solution will suit them best, and as such will be keen to find out more. Again, this is why it’s important to ensure that we’re only dealing with reputable providers. Having access to a professional not only gives you a plethora of solutions, but also a hub for some much-needed advice.

Introducing Lucketts of Watford

As stated, when making travel arrangements for your business, you need to ensure that you have access to a reliable company that is also cost-effective, and Lucketts of Watford more than fits the bill. As well as being able to deal with many different business bookings in the London area, Lucketts of Watford also has a wealth of experience in many other sectors of the coach and minibus industry, such as the arranging of UK tours and a series of multi-day excursions. Lucketts of Watford was first established back in 1860, and has ensured that customer satisfaction and value-for-money is at the forefront of anything it does. It also ensures that those driving the coaches and minibuses available are fully insured, and up to date in relation to training, giving business that additional peace-of-mind.

Many Business Requirements Covered

The needs of a business can require many different solutions, and this is true from a transportation point-of-view. Not only do we want a reliable solution, but we also need to ensure that the provider we use is up to the task-in-hand. Whereas some hire companies can be limited in relation to the services on offer. Due to the number of years that Lucketts of Watford has been operating, it is able to offer a number of corporate travel solutions that can be tailored to your exact requirements. An example of the service on offer are as follows.

Travel Shuttle

There can be many times when a business is based in a location that can’t be reached by public transport. This of course can be restrictive to a business who could potentially miss out on the chance of employing some talented employees, simply because they’re not able to reach the destination.

Fortunately, Lucketts of Watford is able to offer businesses a shuttle service that can collect and drop people off at train and bus stations. As well as being able to offer both minibuses and coaches, Lucketts of Watford is also able to offer a timetable that suits the needs of your business.

Transportation for Meetings

Although some businesses have in-house meeting rooms, there are instances when a business will need to book an external meeting room. As such, a business has to ensure that all those due to attend the meeting arrive at the destination on time. Although many will look towards taxies for such an endeavour, this can be costly, and in some instances, unreliable. As such, Lucketts of Watford can ensure that a solution is put in place that is both reliable, and tailored to your requirements.

Parties and Team Building Weekends

The workplace doesn’t always have to be serious, and as such, there will be times that a business wants to reward employees, or put some emphasis on team-building. Naturally, this often works best outside of the office, and businesses will normally book a venue, but of course need to ensure that getting to the said venue is a straightforward process for those looking to attend. Lucketts of Watford understands the importance of such endeavours, and will work closely with any corporation to ensure that the right kind of solution is put in place. Regardless of whether you’re looking to transport a small office, or a large corporation, Lucketts of Watford has you covered in every instance.

This is only a snapshot of the services available, and as advised, Lucketts of Watford will look to work closely with businesses and corporations to ensure that solution put in place not only meets their expectations, but actually exceeds them.

If you’re currently looking for a reliable yet cost-effective solution for your transportation needs, then why not contact Lucketts of Watford today. As well as being able to offer a professional service, it also ensures that a uniformed service is delivered in every instance.

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